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Dusay Photo

I think style is part of your personality, it is a piece of what makes us each individuals and unique.

As I have gotten older, I would like to think I am willing to take more risks with my style. I think this is because I have become more self-aware.  I am not necessarily the person you would probably stop and gawk at, but who knows, you might look my direction on occasion.  Be confident in what you are wearing and be proud of who you are; chances are if you are wearing something and take a glance in the mirror and think…  I look good today, then that is the perfect outfit for photos!

We are asked from time to time for recommendations on clothing for photo sessions, which I find to be a difficult question. Most of the time we have never met our clients until the shoot, and to tell someone what they should wear, might not be their idea of what they like, so here are some ideas to try for your next shoot, (keep in mind these are only my opinions – they are not fact nor have been proven, this is merely a hypothesis.  See I did learn something in school!


Don’t be afraid to be a little risky!    A lot of times we become too comfortable and forget to try to stand out in the crowd.  However, every time you take that risk, people seem to notice you and throw compliments your way.  Let me be the first to tell you, the camera loves a little risk in style!  I’m not saying you need to go overboard with change in style, but just don’t settle because it’s easier.  Make sure you like the way you look in it.  Maybe take a photo of yourself, and see what you think.  Sometimes when I take a photo of myself because I am thinking I am having a great hair day and then I look at the photo, I think there must be something wrong with my mirror!


For family photos/larger groups, pick a three or four color combination and run with it.  Make sure you do different variations of the color combination.  We never suggest everyone to  wear all the same colors. People get lost in the photos because they all look the same, and everyone is an individual!  If your color combination is grey, yellow, and navy, then have person A wear a yellow shirt with a navy scarf, person B wear a white shirt with a grey cardigan sweater and person C wear a navy and white plaid shirt.  Don’t be afraid to mix patterns in with solids.


Ladies don’t be afraid to accessorize, the more interesting looking you are, the more interesting looking your photos will be.   The camera loves the added touch a fun scarf can bring to a photograph.   Guys, don’t be afraid to accessorize as well.  A cool hat can help make a photo much more interesting.


If the shoot is going to be in a park setting and there is a lot of green, choose colors that will go nicely with green, to help make your photos come alive!


The internet is a powerful tool! Don’t be afraid to do a Google search of photography websites to check out their blog posts, if you find a family where you really like their photos, take note of what they are wearing because that is probably the key element to their photo.  Pintrest is also a wonderful website to get color combination ideas, a lot of times they will have outfit pairings right on their homepage.


Pay attention to the colors that you think look best with your skin tone, hair, etc. Wear variations of those color combinations in your photos. Look at past photos of yourself, if you really like a photo of you, pay attention to what you are wearing, because chances are that color compliments your skin tone, hair etc.


If you prefer more neutral colors, I think it is a good rule of thumb to have someone have a color somewhere in your photo that is really going to stand out, even if it is the shoes, there needs to be a pop of color somewhere.


Be comfortable in what you are wearing, if you are comfortable, then you are confident and that will show in your photos.

Here are some color combinations and outfit pairings that I really like right now.  I am not a professional stylist, but I do like color, that does not make me an expert, but this is just some ideas courtesy of Pintrest!

Cheers!  We will see all you beautiful and stylish people at your photo shoot!